You're passionate about your business and have BIG goals...

but not sure what step to take next?

Overwhelmed and underproducing, but have ZERO room in your busy schedule to add another marketing task?

You want to connect with dream customers and grow your business, but need to keep things simple.

You’re in the right place, friend.

There are A LOT of opinions out there when it comes to what you “should” be doing in your business. Ignore that noise. You don’t need to do “all the things” to be successful. You need to focus on the right things for your unique business and ideal customers.

Conleay & Co. can help you with that AND keep it simple so that you can actually follow through and start seeing results.

I’m Erika Conleay and I specialize in digital marketing and social media. With over a decade of experience, an MBA, and a passion for all things business, I’m here to help you strategize, connect with ideal customers, and reach your wildest business goals.

Erika Conleay Digital Marketing Consultant
Erika Conleay Digital Marketing Consultant

my story

I've been the lady wearing all the hats, left alone to run a marketing program solo.

I’ve also been the department leader focused on managing a team of professionals and optimizing workflows.

Over the years, I’ve learned that strategies are not “one size fits all” and you have to account for the resources you have available in order to be effective.

If you’re looking for someone that is well-seasoned, passionate, and realistic – I’m your gal!

Wondering where to begin?

Here are some suggestions for you…

Have you run out of things to say? Download this free 30-day content calendar.

Struggling to get it all done? Read this post about “batch working”.

Tired of winging-it and ready to see results? Check out my services.

Want to talk shop and figure out how we can best work together? Send me a note.

You're doing BIG things.
It's time you share it with the world.

Erika is both professional and personable. Professionally, she is super knowledgeable about marketing and growing business and really great at breaking things down to make it easier to understand! I can always feel her dedication to the work at hand and know that she is willing to do what she needs to for it to be great.


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Erika Conleay


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