How to Sell Live on Instagram

Reach new customers, gain brand awareness and drive sales. If you are a direct to consumer business on Instagram, Live Selling could help you do all of that. Keep reading to learn more about Live Shopping on Instagram and how to utilize it in your own business.

What is Live Shopping?

Think QVC meets Instagram. Live Shopping allows you to feature and engage with your products while answering questions from those interested in shopping with you. You’re able to tag the products you are talking about and viewers can then tap the products to learn more and buy – without leaving the app!

Why Live Shopping is worth your time and efforts

Chances are, you are probably already creating long form videos on Instagram. Product launches, trunk shows, product demonstrations… all of these can be performed Live. Maybe you prefer pre-recording these so you can avoid risking embarrassment and post an edited/polished video. I get it and that’s okay. BUT, the benefits of going Live will most likely outweigh any minor blunder that happens during recording.

Benefits of Selling Live on Instagram:

1. Live Shopping is important to Instagram and they are favoring this form of content. That means, you’ll get the biggest bang for your effort by utilizing it!

2. It’s a great way to connect with your followers and customers. Although it can be scary, recording live and unscripted makes you and your brand more real. Imperfections are the very thing that make you authentic and relatable – making sales a lot easier to get!

3. Viewers can participate. Talking with customers/followers in real-time allows you to answer questions and engage with those that are most likely to buy from you. Instead of someone scrolling by your content passively, live selling allows them to engage and participate in the content you are creating. This builds trust, connection, and ultimately more sales.

4. You can utilize Live Scheduling. You can promote your upcoming Live Shopping event in a post anywhere between 1 hour to 3 months in advance and users can set reminders to be notified when you go Live. It also helps you become more discoverable to people unfamiliar with your brand.

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What you need to get started with Live Shopping on Instagram:

  • Have a shop on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Enable checkout on Instagram.
  • Ensure products are in your catalog 3 days prior to going Live.

Need help with any of these? I’ll show you how it’s done and help you troubleshoot!

How to Sell Live on Instagram

‣ Inside the Instagram app, tap on your Stories in the top left of your profile.

‣ Scroll to the left and select “LIVE”.

‣ Tap the shopping bag icon on the left and tag the products you want to feature.

‣ Tap the LIVE button when you’re ready to begin.

‣ While you’re broadcasting, tap the shopping bag icon and then tap Pin to pin each product you want to feature as you talk about them.

‣ When you’re finished with your Live, SAVE it so that you can continue to use that video to promote product. Future shoppers will be able to purchase the tagged products through the saved video. (This maximizes your efforts!)

Now go do some homework...

I’m not joking when I tell you to go watch QVC or the Home Shopping Network for tips on how Live Selling. They are the experts and you can easily implement some of their strategy in Instagram.

QVC Callers = Instagram Viewer Comments (Engage!!)

QVC “call to purchase” reminders = Instagram “tap to buy” or “add to bag” call to actions (Remind often, throughout your broadcast!)

It’s going to be awkward the first time you launch a Live, but it will get easier with time and the sales that come in will make it all worth it! If you need some ideas or help with strategy, I’m happy to schedule a Strategy Session with you. Go here and let me know you want to be added to my schedule!

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